Review: Pebeo Drawing Gum


Pebeo Drawing Gum is a slightly blue masking fluid (also known as liquid frisket) that can be used a variety of surfaces such watercolor paper, bristol board, and cardboard to block areas where color is not desired. Pebeo Drawing Gum is water soluble when wet, and waterproof when it dries. It is available in 45mL, 250mL, and marker format.

How to Use:

  • Apply Pebeo Drawing Gum on areas of the painting surface where you do not want color to show up
  • Allow it to dry completely
  • Paint over the masked area
  • After your artwork is complete and dry, use your finger or eraser to pick up and remove the drawing gum

Check out Summer Floral Greeting Card tutorial which uses Pebeo Drawing Gum!


  • Dries quickly (around 10-15min)
  • Blue-gray color prevents interference with your paint colors, doesn’t leave any stains when removed


  • Very hard to twist open the cap if the drawing gum dries around the rim (my hand still hurts from opening it haha)
  • Hard to remove from clothing if not immediately washed
  • Applying too thick of a layer will make it difficult to dry (AKA waiting forever)
  • If left on painting surface for too long (months, years) it will harden, and will be difficult to remove
Dried drawing gum around the rim made it very hard to open the cap
Dried drawing gum around the rim made it very hard to open the cap


  • Makes it easy to have negative space in paintings as opposed to manually painting around an area
  • Useful for a variety of water-based media (e.g. watercolor, gouache, inks, etc)


  • To prevent the cap from getting glued shut, try storing the bottle upside down
  • Use an old, cheap brush for application so your nice brushes don’t get ruined
  • Protect your brush by wetting it before applying the drawing gum
  • Remember to also rinse your brush after you’re done with the drawing gum, otherwise it’s a goner once the drawing gum dries on bristles!


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