Review: Colourcraft Brusho Colour Crystals

Small bottles of Colourcraft Brusho Colour Crystals in Sandstone, Olive Green, and Prussian Blue


Colourcraft’s Brusho Colour Crystals are intense paint powders that are water-based and non-toxic. These are versatile, unpredictable, and great for loose, expressive creations.  You’ll have an awesome time using these with wet-on-wet, sprinkling, and spritzing techniques!


Brusho Colour Crystals can be used as normal watercolour by just sprinkling a bit of it on a surface and mixing it with some water. If you want the colour to be deeper, you just need to sprinkle a little more into your mixture. You’ll get different effects based on how much water you lay on the paper and how much crystal you add. It’s really fun to experiment and watch the crystals dissolve and disperse on wet paper.

You can either put the dry crystals on dry paper and then using a mister and spray it. Or you can wet your paper first, and throw the crystals on and watch the colour spread. You can just let the paint do the work!

They are available in Craft Spritzer Set of 6, Assorted Pack of 12 as well as individually such as the Prussian Blue that we got.

We tested the colors, Olive Green, Prussian Blue, and Sandstone. It was an absolute blast playing with these crystals! Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more fun video reviews and tutorials!


  • Only need a small amount to get a lot of color
  • Great for easily creating backgrounds
  • Intense colours
  • One bottle will last very long
  • Some colours have various pigments giving a multi-coloured effect (Ex. Olive Green has hints of orange, turquoise, and gray in it)


  • There isn’t any colour identification on the bottle so you have to read the colour name or make your own colour chart
  • Powder might easily spill when you open the cap or if you knock over an open bottle
  • Messy to use
  • Must be kept dry
Dried sandstone Brusho crystal colours
The dried look of Sandstone isn’t as interesting as the other colours we tested.


  • Punching hole(s) on the top cap allows for easy sprinkling
  • Create a colour sample to stick at the top of the cap
    • Trace a quarter on a piece of watercolour paper and use the crystals on it
    • Stick it on the top of the cap
  • Wear gloves to prevent staining your hands
  • Use it on surface that stays wet for long to get fluid, flowing effect
Watercolour painting using Brusho Colour Crystals. Fanart of Lunafreya from Final Fantasy 15.
Our finished painting featuring Lunafreya from Final Fantasy XV.


  • Suitable for beginners who worry about mixing colour and worried that their painting might go “wrong”
  • Create flowing and dynamic paintings with the crystal dispersion
  • This one-of-a-kind product is quite different from traditional watercolours so stick to those if that’s what you enjoy more

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