Review: Mijello Mission Gold Watercolor 36 Color Set with Mijello Watercolor Palette

Inside Mijello Mission Gold Watercolor 36 set with palette.


Our first encounter with Mijello Mission Gold Watercolor was actually through a free sample they give out on their website (get yours here)! Mijello Mission Gold Watercolors originate from Korea and have insanely intense colors that are extraordinarily beautiful. But be warned, once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to using any other brand of watercolors!


Color chart showing 105 different watercolors from Mijello Mission Gold Watercolor

For today’s review we have the Mission Gold Watercolor 36-Color Set with Mijello Watercolor Palette (7 mL) #MWCP-7036.  Inside the box is a large plastic palette with 4 small boxes containing the 36 tubes of watercolor paints. There is also a color chart pamphlet which we find is useful especially if you want to pick out individual colors to buy next time. It also gives more information about the colors such as the pigments it uses, its lightfastness, and what series price group they are part of. There are a total of 105 different colors for Mission Gold Watercolors.

36 color set of Mijello Mission Gold Artists' Watercolor

This is one of the many sets that they sell. Their other watercolor sets include 9-Tube Introductory Set (7mL), 12 or 24-Color Set (7mL), 24 or 34-Color Set (15mL), and Pure Pigment Color Set. Their “Gold Class” is the top of the line, artist-grade series while the “Silver Class” is a lesser tier (still very good quality). On the other hand, the “White Class” is more opaque and is a gouache paint more suited for design and technical art.

Watch our speedpaint on Youtube where we use paints exclusively from the Mijello Mission Gold 36 Color Set! If you would like more detail on the art supplies used for this painting please check out our Blog section where all speedpaints and related material are located.

We fell in love with these watercolors for their rich color that mixes well with wet-on-wet technique – creating lovely effects of granulation and textures. They have a good, strong consistent colors. You don’t feel like you’re wasting paint even when you leave them to dry because they rewet so quickly. You also don’t have to jiggle your brush back and forth to get the gorgeous colors.These creamy paints really do pack a punch in their brilliance and intensity. There seems to be no comparison to these watercolors!


  • No thickener, lots of pigment
  • Uses natural binders such as honey, gum arabic, and sorbitol
  • High quality palette included
  • Paint stays moist so it rehydrates very very easily
  • Smooth, intense vibrant, saturated, strong and bright colors (a little goes a long way)
  • Mix well together and aren’t likely to become muddy

Some quotes from their company website:

“The finest quality pigments with superior lightfastness”

“Mission Watercolors surpass industry standards by using only cosmetic-grade preservatives, so they are free of cadmium and formaldehyde.
All 105 colors have obtained AP certification from ACMI, proving them harmless to humans.”

“Mission Watercolors are created with only non-toxic pigments and non-chemical additives, and then intensely pigmented without gummy thickening agents that can hinder brilliance, resulting in unparalleled color and vibrancy.”


  • Uses different names for their colors compared to other manufacturers
  • Large palette takes up a lot of space
  • Takes some practice to control level of saturation
  • Have to dilute a lot if you want pastel, light transparent colors


  • Best for artists who enjoy painting with bright, intense colors
  • Get the 15mL tubes only if you paint a lot because even the 7mL tubes last a long time
  • Large palette allows for bigger brushes to be used

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