Review: Muji Dual Felt Tip Pens

Muji dual felt tip pens

You can’t go to Muji and only buy one pen. They have so many interesting and unique stationery supplies – it’s a minimalist’s stationery heaven! Besides the Muji Capped Gel-Ink Ballpoint Pens, I also picked up some of their Dual Felt Tip Pens.


The Dual Felt Tip Pen is hexagonal in shape and features a thick and thin felt tip. The thin side is great to write with while the thicker tip is useful for colouring and/or writing headings.

Uncapped Muji dual felt tip pens
The blue pen is an older version of the Muji Dual Felt Tip Pen.

The older Dual Felt Tip Pens are smaller and have a more rigid hexagon shaped body. The felt tip is also harder in the old version. I prefer the harder felt tip because I enjoy the control it gives when I’m writing or colouring. However, the newer version has a larger body which may be more comfortable for some users to hold. I wonder if it also means there’s more ink in the bigger body?

Testing on Moleskine planner Muji Dual Felt Tip pens
The ink is not very deep or rich. It’s great if you want pastel colours.

I also love the colours these pens come in. They are all legible and not the standard colours you get in most pens. I’m glad the yellow wasn’t one of those highlighter yellows that you can’t read on white paper.


  • Excellent for writing and drawing
  • Dual tips mean you can use the thicker side to colour in areas and the thin side to do lineart


  • Waterbased ink = not waterproof
  • The thick tip is kind of spongy (may deteriorate with frequent use)


  • You get a 2-in-1 deal – a fineliner and a marker in one pen
  • Not the best for colouring (uneven layering)
  • Skip these if you’re looking for serious colouring markers
    • These pens are more appropriate for writing and decorating planners

If you don’t have a local Muji store, try Amazon or Aliexpress.

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