Review: Akashiya Sai Thinline Brush Pen

Opened package of Akashiya Sai Thinline Brush Pen

Back from the land of art supplies, Japan, and with me today is the Akashiya Sai Thinline Brush Pen! This one grabbed my attention in the Sekaido Art Store because I have never seen such a thin brush pen. I thought it would be perfect for lineart.


Kageyama Shigeo/Mob doodle using Akashiya Sai Thinline Brush Pen

As expected, the Akashiya Sai Thinline Brush Pen really delivers in terms of thin lines. Because it is a bristle brush pen, I don’t have to worry about it wearing out as much as foam brush pens. This line of Thinline Brush Pens also come in various colors. I really wanted to get some of the other colors, but I decided to go with charcoal gray as it would be the most versatile. Check out the 5-Pack of Akashiya Sai Thinline Brush Pens. The colors are all very beautifully subdued and japanesque. It comes in charcoal gray, charcoal blue, brown, sea green, and moss green. I haven’t gotten a chance to play around with it more because of a backlog of all the pens, markers, and paints I bought during my trip.

Review of Akashiya Sai Thinline Brush Pen


  • Consistent thin lines
  • Gorgeous color choices
  • Tight cap to prevent drying out
  • Works for calligraphy too


  • Ink is not very dark/opaque
  • A bit expensive for its size
  • Only slightly waterproof


  • For those looking to make thin lines, but still have some line variation in their drawings

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